Breaking Down the Methods Behind Mediation [Infographic]

If you are dealing with a dispute that is headed for the courtroom, it could be in your interest to head to mediation instead. Mediation is the process of working with a neutral negotiator who can facilitate discussions that lead to a dispute resolution, without the need for a court case. The goal of mediation isn’t to pick one winner and one loser, but rather to find a compromise that works for both sides. Your lawyer can be by your side through the process to ensure your rights are protected, but you won’t need legal services for as long as you would for a court case, so it is far less expensive. Learn more about the process of mediation in this infographic from The Law Offices of Jon Webster. We’re pleased to offer mediation services in our law office in Concord, CA to parties looking to solve their disputes out of court. Contact our law firm when you need legal support or mediation services, and help others understand their options by sharing this information.

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