Human Resources: The Key To Limiting Liability and Saving Money

Many smaller companies have the tendency to overlook one of the most important aspects of running their business. Despite having a limited number of employees, failing to properly manage your human relations department is an excellent way to find yourself in a world of hurt.

When it comes to lawsuits we believe that the best defense is prevention. Rather than waiting for a lawsuit to arise, we work with employers to ensure their human resource practices are up to par, thus preventing potential lawsuits. Failing to take preventative measures, choosing instead to fix a problem can be very stressful and expensive. We recently settled a case where our clients were forced to pay $500,000.00 in damages along with thousands in costs and fees. However, had they spent a little money up front, they could have avoided this problem for thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Law Offices of Jon Webster specializes in employment law and can make the appropriate procedures for your company in avoiding employment law suits, by ensuring that the practices and policies of the company is not prone to liability claims.