The Importance of Carefully Crafted HR Policies

In California, employees enjoy strong protections under existing labor laws, and it’s essential for employers to be aware of these regulations. A human resources policy that is in full compliance with the law will help protect a company from legal liability. Effective HR policies take a proactive approach. They establish protocols for dealing with problems before these issues arise.

With the help of a lawyer who provides employer services, companies can establish policies to prevent discriminatory behaviors, pathways for in-house dispute resolution, and protocols that allow employees to report violations. Without a comprehensive HR policy, employees who feel they have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against may be more likely to retain legal counsel instead of resolving the issue through in-house methods.

The development of effective HR policies is just one of the many employment law services we provide here at The Law Offices of Jon Webster. If your company could benefit from labor law counseling in the Concord, CA area, call our practice today at (925) 609-7600.

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