A Business Owner's Guide to Independent Investigations

Savvy business owners and board members understand the value in being proactive compared to being reactive. The best time to establish policies for internal investigations is before they become necessary. It’s wise to assume that, at some point during the life of a company, allegations of misconduct or violations will be made. By having an established policy of arranging independent investigations conducted by a law office, business owners can protect the reputation and longevity of the company.

The Importance of Neutrality

Compliance with labor law is among the highest priorities at any responsible company. However, as damaging as allegations or claims can be, the mere accusation of investigation mismanagement can be even more problematic for a company’s reputation. It’s essential to have an investigation conducted independently by a neutral third party, such as a law office. Independent investigations not only eliminate conflicts of interest, but also eliminate the mere suggestion of improper handling.

The Necessity of Confidentiality

Independent investigators follow strict confidentiality protocols, with good reason. Violations of confidentiality may dissuade involved parties from making full disclosures during their interviews. The success of the investigation may be compromised and the company’s reputation as a whole can suffer. Violations of confidentiality may also lead to retaliatory acts against the claimant and liability issues for the company.

The Process of Investigation

Independent investigators are skilled in putting together the little details to develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of the situation. An independent investigation may necessitate financial audits and background checks on involved parties. Documents may be scrutinized and professional, objective employee interviews may be conducted. Effective employee interviews are as much an art as they are a science. Skillful investigators know how to ask neutral questions that encourage the individual to cooperate and share important details.

At The Law Offices of Jon Webster, we provide neutral, third-party investigations that may include employee interviews, financial audits, background checks, and document examinations. Jon Webster has successfully conducted work place investigations for private and governmental employers including the National Institutes of Health and California public charter schools. If you have labor law concerns and live near Concord, CA, contact us today to request an independent investigation. You can reach our law office at (925) 609-7600.

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