Injured? Don't Litigate-Mediate!

Personal injury law, or tort law, allows injured individuals to seek compensation for their losses if their injuries were the result of someone else’s negligent, reckless, or intentional actions. Seeking damages doesn’t always involve litigating a case in a courtroom, however. Consider talking to a lawyer about mediation, and whether it might be appropriate and effective for your personal injury case.

Why You Should Consider Mediation

Mediation is beneficial for all parties involved in disputes because it may keep the case out of court. This can significantly reduce costs, emotional stress, and the time necessary to see the lengthy litigation process through to its conclusion. Mediation also gives the parties control over the outcome of the case. If the case were to go before a judge, a judge or jury would decide its outcome. In mediation, the parties work with a neutral mediator to reach a conclusion that’s acceptable to all.

What You Should Know About Mediation

There are a few things you should know before agreeing to give mediation a try. Firstly, it’s a non-binding process. You have free rein to reject any proposed solution, and so does the other party. No one will force you to come to an agreement, although if you do not, litigation in a courtroom is the alternative. Second, the mediator is not on anyone’s side. He or she is a neutral individual who isn’t invested in the outcome of the case. Mediators are discussion facilitators—they don’t even offer their own opinions.

How to Prepare for Mediation

In addition to learning what to expect from mediation, you can prepare by thoroughly reviewing the facts of the case. For instance, if you were injured in a car accident, refresh your memory by reading the police report, reviewing your own notes, and examining pictures of the accident scene. Gather together all evidence you plan to use to support your side of the story, such as your medical records and bills. Develop one or two proposed solutions, and get ready to compromise.

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