Working Toward Change: Key Components of an Effective Lobby Day

Democracies provide avenues for individual citizens and interest groups to effect change on the local, state, and national levels. Not all advocates for change have had prior experience lobbying government officials. All that truly matters is that you have the commitment and drive necessary to make a positive impact on your community. Working with a lawyer who provides legislation drafting services can give even a novice, armchair activist the necessary foundation for successful, face-to-face lobbying.

Basics of Advocacy Training Sessions

Preparation is essential for an effective lobby day. If you’ve worked with a lawyer to draft proposed legislation, each participant should fully understand this document. Participants who are new to lobbying should be informed of the basics: What to expect, what to do, and what to avoid doing. Each participant should be thoroughly briefed on the objectives, issues, and any relevant research that supports the agenda. It’s helpful to schedule in some roleplaying sessions so that participants have some practice presenting their talking points.

Contents of a Lobby Day Packet

If your lobby day consists of a single meeting between you, the elected official, and perhaps a couple of other people, then you probably won’t go to the trouble of creating a lobby day packet. Larger groups with more participants can put these together to help their participants stay focused on the agenda. A typical packet will include:

  • Agenda
  • List/location of appointments
  • Map of offices
  • Key talking points
  • Follow-up report form
  • Informative materials for the elected official

Selection of the Lobby Day Agenda

Face time with lawmakers is at a premium. It can be tempting to present them with dozens of concerns or suggestions, but this is counterproductive. Instead, select just one or two key issues to discuss. Limiting your agenda will improve the strength of your presentation and persuasiveness.

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