Don't Breach HOA Regulations When Applying Pesticides

Laws change frequently, and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) must be careful to keep their own regulations in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Likewise, homeowners need to be mindful of HOA bylaws before taking any major actions, such as applying pesticides on their property. Pesticides should be applied by an HOA-approved vendor, as this company will already be keenly familiar with the state laws and HOA bylaws regarding pesticide application.

HOAs often apply pesticides to common areas and owner properties, independent of actions taken by homeowners. However, California law clearly states that homeowners have the right to know about any pesticides they may be exposed to. This means HOAs must notify owners before spraying pesticides in common areas. Before using pesticides on separate properties, the HOA must notify the owners and anyone else who might enter these areas.

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